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travel ban taekwando

Meisam Rafei is an Olympic Taekwando competitor who faced an unexpected opponent when attempting to enter the US for a tournament in January 2017.

when the conditions allow

Lake surfing is a radically different experience than catching waves along a sunny tropical beach. Ed Russo is uniquely qualified to provide insight on what exactly makes it so different.

basketball as an export

Each year thousands of Americans sign contracts to play basketball in countries outside of the United States. But most American fans never see past the NBA into this larger basketball machine. In this episode we speak with two people in this industry to hear what it's really like to play basketball abroad.

Thirteen License plates

In 2015, Newton Baker became the second oldest person to cross the US on foot while participating in the Race Across the USA. The race started on his 73rd birthday.


Mickey Wilson is a professional extreme athlete and slackliner. His slacklining skills were tested in a dramatic and unepected way on the ski slopes last winter.

Bonus: More Mickey

n this episode you'll hear more from Mickey Wilson. We talk about how he choose to pursue slacklining full time, additional benefits of the sport, and more.

the man who wanted to play hockey on the moon

Ryan Bahl is an American hockey player who's stepped foot on ice rinks in six different continents. Hear what it was like to play, and live, in a few exotic locations and listen as he explains what he's doing to be the first person to play on all seven continents.

Bonus: more from ryan bahl

On this bonus episode, we'll hear more from Ryan Bahl, hockey's global nomad. Listen as he describes a second trip to the Falkland islands and some surprising signage at the Serbian ice rinks.

The heel

This episode comes with a challenge. In these divisive times, can you accept all sports as equal? Can you do away with the pre-conceived notions that needlessly isolate us from people with strikingly similar athletic passions and desires?

bonus: the babyface

In this bonus episode, we explore the other side of the hero vs villian wrestling story arc staple and hear from Joshua Singh as he discusses match preparation, performing acrobatic aerial moves and what's at the top of his wrestling bucket list.

st. rivalry

For 30 years, a sports rivalry split the Cleveland Irish community so deep that some considered it a kind of civil war.

the fellowship of football code converts

In America, using the word "football" normally doesn't lead to much confusion. But in other countries, there are many types of "football," which are called football codes. Each of these codes have their own professional leagues with specializes athletes. But what happens when an athlete decides to leave one football code and try their hand at another? These are called football code converts, and in this episode we'll go around the world, and through history, to examine this unique phenomenon.